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Mobile jaw crusher to make production more convenient

Mobile jaw crusher than fixed jaw crusher is more a function of a movable , so the production is more convenient , and more extensive applications .

Jaw crusher  applicate in materials have been used for a long time , and in construction, mine development and utilization process large national infrastructure , have played a very important role. The crusher is mainly for bulk material crushing operation , so a large volume of material , after crushing treatment , into small particles, small particle size of the material to meet the project on the use of graded gravel requirements, for example in preparation of asphalt concrete in the need to add different sizes of stone, asphalt concrete as a "skeleton " structure, on the road to play the supporting role. The vast majority of asphalt concrete aggregate , are by natural stone crushing machine rolling, in after screening, crushing processes at all levels , to meet the engineering requirements of the stone level .
mobile crushing station

As the mobile crushing station hydraulic excavator bucket is supporting the use of a host , so before making crushing operations , hydraulic breaker can be installed on a large volume of material to make a simple removal treatment , the structure of complex materials for simple division ; then after replacing the mobile crusher bucket , crushing the material handling ; broken after completion of the installation can be completed ordinary bucket of crushed material for loading or other operations. As a result, not only reduces the amount of equipment used to increase the range of applications of the excavator , the owner who also expanded the number of jobs available types of construction , increasing the competitiveness of their own equipment.

During the construction process of the mobile crusher bucket , either concrete , bricks , asphalt and other construction waste crushing operations quickly , you can also use senior mobile crusher bucket carrying magnetic separator, after the crushing of the concrete contained metal separation , reduce labor costs and improve efficiency.

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